An Introduction to the Colebrook Historical Society


Mission Statement

The mission of the Colebrook Historical Society shall be to promote and encourage historical, antiquarian and genealogical research; to preserve and publish same; to educate the community; to collect and display antiquarian and historical objects and records, and to preserve the Rock School building.

The Society shall reach out to the community at large to provide creative, educational, historical and entertaining experiences. The Society shall employ both traditional and contemporary communications platforms to promote and maintain the relevance of the organization.

Greetings & Welcome...

The purpose of this letter is to make ourselves known to new residents, or to those who have been here for some time, but with whom we have failed to connect.

The Colebrook Historical Society was founded in 1953 by a group of dedicated individuals who realized the benefits that such a society could make to the community.  The collections housed within the museum in the center represent various aspects of life in Colebrook from the mid-1700ís to the present.  Virtually every item was used or made in town, or has been donated by a Colebrook resident.

The building itself was built as an inn in 1816, and was so used until the early 1940ís.  The Colebrook Town Hall was located on one half of the first floor from 1953 until 2003, when the new buildings centered on the old Gray Barn were occupied. The Historical Society is now the only tenant.

The Society owns the Rock Schoolhouse, located at the intersection of Sandy Brook Road and Colebrook Road.  This building, erected in 1779, and used until 1911, is perhaps the only colonial schoolhouse in the state that is essentially in its original state; it has never been electrified, nor has it ever had running water or indoor plumbing.  It is used as a learning facility by the Colebrook Consolidated School, and is open to the public on selected weekends or by request.

Our season currently begins with Memorial Day and ends on Columbus Day Weekend, but our intention is to remain open throughout the year to better serve the public.  There are usually changing featured topics displayed at the museum during the course of our season, some of which are authored by Colebrook residents.

Our genealogy department is quite extensive, especially for families associated historically with Colebrook, and are consulted fairly often by people from all over the United States.  On the days that we are open, two volunteers from our membership man the museum.  They will answer questions and act as guides to visitors.

We look forward to your visit!


Bob Grigg

Curator:  The Colebrook Historical Society

Municipal Historian Town of Colebrook

County of Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

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