Welcome Page
Recollections of an Historic River Community
lost to Twentieth Century Progress

Part I:
Memoirs of Colebrook River - Helen Seymour (1950s)

Part II:
Felix and Colonel

Part III:
We begin with the Seymour family having
just acquired a new dog, Mutt.

Part IV:
Helen Seymour (continued)

Part V:
Helen Seymour’s recollections of life in Colebrook River
in the early years of the twentieth century continue

Part VI:
Helen Seymour’s story continues

Part VII:
The farmers are employing the new technology of silos

Part VIII:
Helen Seymour’s brother continues his trapping career

Part IX:
Helen Seymour is discussing discipline in the family

Part X:
Stories of their parents continue

Part XI:
Springtime is eagerly anticipated in Colebrook River

Part XII:
It’s blueberry season in Colebrook River

Part XIII:
Christmas time in The River

Part XIV:
More about Colebrook River